Vitality Wellness Blog is owned and operated by Pam Dravitz in Denver, CO. Pam is the sole author and photographer of all the content on this blog.

Pam is a registered nurse, reiki practitioner, wellness advocate and coach, writer, speaker and educator. She has many interests, from photography and jitter bug dancing to energy medicine, travel and scuba diving. She thrives in changing environments, and enjoys diverse surroundings.

Her passion is to be a vessel of light and love, for not only humans but animals as well. One of her favorite memories is swimming with wild dolphins in the Bermuda Triangle.

Pam’s background is as varied as her interests. She is a former home schooling mother, has lived in various countries, obtained five degrees in three subjects,  and has an unending thirst for knowledge and wisdom, particularly pertaining to health and wellness.

Her work as a nurse has taken her on journeys with the homeless, World War 2 to Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, railroad workers and refugees. Her nursing knowledge spans from heart and lung transplant experience to clinical research, mother/baby, ICU, ambulatory care and occupational health nursing.

Her own journeys through life have brought her to utilize and reap the benefits of energy medicine, such as Reiki, and she came to be a practitioner of Reiki as a result.

Pam is always on the move, trying something new, enjoying life and connecting with others who enjoy doing the same.

Her blog contents will be as varied as she is. 🙂



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